Sunday, November 14, 2010

Polka Dot Christmas Ornament

Add a little pizazz to your tree! These hand-painted polka dot ornaments are made from old decorations that had lost their shine. The base coat is done in a metallic color with flat acrylic paint for the dots. Then the whole thing is coated with acrylic sealer, accented with some feathery ribbon and topped with a gold bow for hanging.

This particular ornament was done in "fuchsia pearl" and topped with magenta feather ribbon. We also currently have paints in "antique gold," "metallic amethyst," "metallic gunmetal gray," "metallic blue topaz," "silver anniversary" and "antique copper."   The other available feather ribbons are teal, silver and red.

Each ornament is unique and the tell-tale qualities of homemade ornaments (brush strokes and other very minor imperfections) have been left intentionally. Otherwise it would just look like another store-bought item.

Each polka dot explosion is just $3! At that price, you can get a decent set for your tree, or for someone else's tree.

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