Monday, November 4, 2013

Reduced Prices for Early Holiday Shopping!

Alright everyone. Obviously my crafting has fallen by the wayside (with the exception of personal projects). This has been due to a combination of limited time, space, and sanity. Since the holidays are coming up soon, I wanted to put up a list of my surviving items that you may like to purchase for yourself or someone special.

I'm also going to work on creating a list of craft supplies that I'll be making available in the future.

Crochet "Slouchy" Bag $30
A small purse-like bag, crocheted from recycled sari silk yarn.

This knit bag (made from reclaimed sari silk) measures 12" wide and 10" tall with a 38" strap. The body was knit in the round and then the bottom was double-sewn shut for strength.

Crochet Blanket $25

This blanket is crocheted with two yarns at once, making it extra think and warm. It measures roughly 28" wide by 42" long and would make an ideal throw blanket for a small child.

Flasks Wrapped in Sari Silk yarn $12 for flasks #1-3, $10 for flasks #4-6
Each piece is a reclaimed volumetric flask wrapped in recycled sai silk yarn. 

Natural color canvas, 13.5"x13.5"x3.5"

Natural color canvas, 13.5"x13.5"x3.5"

White Ribbon Ornaments $5 (2 available) 

This once-Plain Jane glass vase (standard 7" tall) now makes a stunning display piece. 

This bracelet is lined with gold colored beads and matching snaps.