Sunday, July 31, 2011

Super Fat Felty Kitty Magnets

Does your fridge look sad? Like, really sad? Like, I feel so neglected with regard to my facade that I wish you would just pull the plug on me?

Well, consider this an intervention. The super awesome fat felty kitty magnets are here to spice up your life and organize your papers.

The two cats pictured above are my prototypes (aka, test subjects) for stitching options.  Angry Spoon magnet isn't happy with their appearance on our fridge.

They're backed with strong magnets and a playful demeanor and run just $2 each! AND you can request the color combination of your choice!

Recycled Sari Yarn Vases

First, I'd like to give a shout out to Darn Good Yarn, a wonderful small business run by Nicole Snow. She specializes in recycled yarns and ribbons that are bought directly from women's groups in Nepal.

These vases were rescued from a local thrift store and spruced up with some patience and a skein of unrefined sari silk yarn. The vase itself is still intact and would add pizzazz to any fresh bouquet.

These are the two finished vases available, but there are several more naked vases ready for a makeover.

These vases are just $5 each.