Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fabric Puff Flowers (Round 1: Orange, Blue and Green)

These flowers are just adorable. The first batch I made was for my Granny, who will be using some as magnets and others as pin cushions for her needlework.

These flowers represent the current fabrics I have in stock, but they can honestly be made with any color or pattern. They look equally cute with and without buttons (though all of these have them). Make them into magnets. Make them into hair bands or barrettes. Make them into broaches or buttons.

The larger size pictured is 2" in diameter and the smaller size is about 1.25" in diameter, but they can be made in any size. These typically run $6-8 each on Etsy. Through Lord Ozwald's Curious Goods, these pretty posies are just $2 a piece!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mr. Wobbles, Mega-Cuddle Plush

Monsters can serve purposes other than serving as a refrigerator magnet. They can be your friend, your ally, your partner in crime. Mr. Wobbles is there to cheer you up when you are down. He’s there to terrorize your co-workers when they lay a last minute project on you. He’s there to confirm your alibi when those previously mentioned co-workers go missing. 

 My Mr. Wobbles is especially good at protecting my tea from the devious felines residing in our home. 

Carefully stitched and embroidered by hand, this cuddle-size felt monster is just $5. He can be made in the color of your choice for no extra charge.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Jack Torrance had it right.

Well, almost. We’ll forgive him since he was more of a booze man than a coffee man. 

This hand-scribbled mug will remind your coworkers (and boss) that they’d better not bother you until you’ve had your caffeine fix. The writing becomes increasingly erratic as it progresses down the outside, signaling the deterioration of your mental state as the coffee disappears. 

And for the low price of $1 you won’t feel guilty if you accidentally break the mug while using it to peg someone in the head! It can also be customized to your name of preference.

Mr. Wobbles, the friendly monster magnet

Meet Mr. Wobbles, a friendly (but awkward) monster who happened to find his true calling as a magnet. He lives to faithfully display coupons, family photos, grocery lists or anything else you can slip between him and your refrigerator. 

Here he is being inaugurated into the Awesomely Awesome Magnet Guild by Super Fat Felty Kitty and the Quirky Spoon League. 

Get your own Mr. Wobbles (in the color of your choice) for just $1.50 each!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ralf Clones (Promote a higher plane of existence!)

Meet Ralf. Once he was just a pile of felt fabric and stuffing. Now he’s a sandwich of felt fabric and stuffing. A sandwich … with a dream. 

What dream, you may ask? Why, the dream of becoming the center of the universe. 

And he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true.

But how can you help, you may ask?

Here’s the thing. Ralf has attained a higher plane of existence. While one would assume this means that Ralf has evolved beyond his physical body that is not actually the case. He needs more bodies now. And the more bodies he can attain, the more powerful he becomes. The more powerful he becomes, the closer he comes to becoming the center of the universe. 

This is where you come into play. You will provide him with one of those bodies. No, silly, not YOUR body. You will buy a Ralf clone that you will love and cherish and worship. By requesting your own custom Ralph clone, or adopting one of the currently available clones, you bring Ralf one step closer to triumph. The bodies (or “vessels,” if you want to sound all dark and mystical) can be any color combination of your preference. It’s okay, Ralph is color blind. 

Become a loyal follower of Ralf for the low price of $10.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wordy Tile Trivets

When we throw a party, we want our guests to feel welcome and enjoy themselves. We also don't want them burning a hole in our table or countertop. These trivets cover both issues.

Each trivet is made from thick, durable 6”x6” tile and backed with a generous section of cork. Designs are done in ink (rather than acrylic paint which can chip over time) and coated in acrylic sealant. The featured set includes “eat,” “drink” and “party” but custom words can be requested. 

Finished trivets run $3 each (mainly due to the cost of cork).