Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sock Monster: Duke of Cucumbarms

So I'm back on the sock monster bandwagon again.

This boy had no plan, no pattern. In fact, his sole purpose for existence was to be my first attempt at using a sewing machine rather than hand stitching.

That being said... Meet the Duke of Cucumbarms. He's a Duke, and his arms are made of cucumbers. Nuff said.

Measuring a proud 14" tall, the Duke is made from 3 very different socks. Maybe that's why he has 3 eyes. Or maybe I was just doing everything to make him weirdly adorable so that someone will want to give him a loving home. Oh yeah, did I mention he wants to include your home into his reigning domain?

Adopt him today for $15! Not recommended for very young Lords or Ladies, given his button eyes. But perfect for the young at heart!