Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Volumetric Flask Vase

If you're a science person like me who also dabbles in crafts, you may find yourself staring at pretty glassware and wondering what cool things could be done with them.

Well, I finally came across a free stash of unwanted, unloved and abandoned glassware and decided to do something with it.

This particular piece was a Kimax 500ml volumetric flask. Here's a lovely picture of Fiona getting in the way just to sniff the messenger bag that seems to double as a bed for every cat in the house.

Using scraps of "The Blender Live Wire Sari Yarn" that I acquired from Nicole Snow at Darn Good Yarn, a little hot glue and a LOT of patience, I created a colorfully unique vase that would be ideal for a single flower stem... or just for sitting empty as a decoration.

Here are a few close-ups so you can savor the texture as much as I do.

UPDATE: I now have 6 pieces finished! 

Flask #1: ~12" tall, $15

Flask #2: ~12" tall, $15
Flask #3: ~12" tall, $15
Flask #4: ~11" tall, $13

Flask #5: ~11" tall, $13

Flask #6: ~11" tall, $13