Saturday, January 29, 2011

Twisted Knit Scarf

I made this scarf for myself, but I figured I should put a couple photos up in case someone was interested in commissioning one of their own.

It's a double-knit design that creates a diagonal pattern. I made mine in "Grass" and "Aqua" with tassels in "Clay."  Price would depend on the number of colors wanted, but should be about $15.

Eat your heart out, Myspace.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Stained Glass" Wine Glass

These wine glasses were too scuffed to hang out with the fancy alcoholic beverage serving containers. Kicked to the curb, I've brought them home to show them that slapping a little lipstick on can do wonders.

This particular roughed-up diamond in the rough is sporting the bright red "lipstick." Other available colors include orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink (with bolds and pastels available for each). Decorate your window sill, slip a small candle inside for romantic lighting, or just let them be themselves on any available flat surface.

Just don't try to drink out of them. Epoxy isn't tasty, folks.

Wine glasses may very in size, as these are all reclaimed glassware. I have two available that are 7" tall (including the one pictured) and six available that are 6" tall. Each one is $2.50, regardless of color choice.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wild and Crazy Cowl!

No, not cow. COWL. In case you're not familiar with this accessory, it's pretty much a scarf eating its own tail. Yes, I was skeptical as well. However, after making this one, I think I'm sold.

This strange creature started out as a standard scarf made from alternating brown and tan sections while occasionally working in black and sandstone fur yarn to add texture and contrast. Due to my minimal knit edging, the whole thing turned in on itself, creating a long tube of scarf. I tried to convince it to lay flat like a good scarf, but it would have none of it. In the end, I let the scarf follow it's true nature and pretend to be knit in the round when it wasn't.

I added tassels to each color change on the scarf, creating this aesthetically unique horizontal fringe. Once the whole thing was fringed and the two ends were sewn together, I let the strange new creature cuddle up around my neck.

And I'll be damned, this thing is pretty awesome! It's like a scarf that can't come loose or get caught on something. The stockinette stitch leaves it with a lot of "give" so you can easily stretch it over your head. After the exhausting photo shoot, I let the cute thing explore one of my kitchen chairs. Note the fringe sections along the length.

After that, the poor little thing was all tuckered out and took a nap.

I'm selling this odd cowl creature for $20, which is a bit more than my other knit items (but is due to needing 4 different yarns to do this design). Similar cowls can be made with different colors upon request.

Lipstick Wine Glass

While most of us COOL CHICKS would love to sport a fancy mustache while sipping away on a glass of wine, some of the more refined women would prefer a more feminine touch.

Upon special request from my parents, BEHOLD! The lipstick wine glass (and her more masculine counterpart, 'Stache Glass!)

 Aww, lush love!


Purchase a pair as a "His & Hers" set. Or you can just get a lipstick glass for yourself. Heck, you could get a lipstick glass for yourself and pick up a 'stache pint glass for your man. Either way, these lip-sporting wine glasses are $5 each. (Made from brand new glassware, not reclaimed.)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Margarita Glass Candle Holder

Wastin' away again in Margaritaville.
Searching for my lost shaker of salt.

No worries, you won't need to take this item with a grain of salt.

Unloved and left at the thrift store, these glasses (only 2 available!!!) have found new life as candle holders. Each has been carefully coated in lime green (my camera has decided to make it appear more kelly green) and sealed with epoxy. These glasses are particularly suited for votive candles but, since I didn't have one, a tea light candle would have to do for display purposes.

These candle holders would be ideal for a home bar, or as a gift for that margarita lover you know.

It's a shame to let them go, but it's all in the name of raising money for Oz.
These unique glasses are $3 each (and like I said, only 2 are available).

Thursday, January 13, 2011

SALE!!!!! Making Space!

Thanks to everyone's generosity, we've raised $1,116.80 toward Oz's surgery. He's doing great, despite his stubborn urges to prance like a fool.

Also, thanks to after-holiday sales, I can sell certain items for less. I'm also lowering the prices on certain in-stock items that have yet to sell. This will clear up space AND raise funds for Ozzy.

Girls Night Out: $8 $6 for a set of 4 (supplies for 2 sets available)
Coffee Cat Coasters: $8 $6 for a set of 4 (made to order)
Lipstick Love Coasters: $8 $6 for a set of 4 (supplies for 1 set available)

Beer Cap Ornaments: $1.75 $1 each (pictured)
White Cord Ornament: $8 $5.50 (3 available)
Red & Green Cord Ornament: $8 $5.50 each (6 available)
Red & White Cord Ornament: $8 $5.50 each (5 available)

Ruffled Wrist Warmers: $15 $7.50 (pictured set, gray)
Twisted Lace Wrist Warmers: $15 $10 (pictured set, brown)
Rainbow Wrist Warmers: $15 $10 (pictured set, ROYGBV)
Skinny Black Scarf: $10 $7.50 (pictured)
Wide Waffle Scarf: $15 $10 (pictured, pink/cream/brown)
Baby Leg Warmers: $15 $8 (pictured, pink/green/brown)
Green Fuzzy Scarf: $8 $6 (pictured)
Wine Bottle Cover: $5 $3 (pictured)

Love Food & Food Love Tiles: $5 $4 (supplies available)
Wine Cork Trivet: $8 $4 (pictured)

"Drink Me" Tea Cup: $3 $1.50 (1 available)
"Shot" Shot Glass: $2 $1 (1 available)

Textured Gold Display Frame

How many times have you rummaged through your jewelry box, looking for a matching earring? Or maybe your necklaces are getting tangled. Or MAYBE you forget about all the awesome pieces you have because they’re all buried in the jewelry box (aka, the black hole). Out of sight, out of mind, right? It’s like a much more expensive toy chest. You only know what you have based on what’s on top or what’s scattered around on the dresser.

Well, it’s time to get organized! Hang earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Heck, if it can be hooked on or tied to the sturdy galvanized steel mesh, DO IT! Keep your prized items in view and within reach while creating a spiffy wall decor accent! Just like decorating with old books, using refurbished picture frames makes you look intelligent AND trendy.
This golden frame measures roughly 15"x18" with a display area of  roughly 11"x14". It can be mounted vertical or horizontal upon request. Generously sealed with both epoxy and acrylic, this piece will keep it's good looks. Even Jekyll is drawn to its subtle beauty.

This frame is $15, Jekyll not included. SOLD! I can make a similar frame for anyone else who is interested.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Butterflies, Alligators and French Letters (Oh My!) Coasters

You won't find coasters like this in a store!

A butterfly theme merges with distressed French cursive writing and then finds an odd partner in brown alligator print. Then the whole thing is brought together with simple (yet elegant) satin black ribbon that creates very clean borders.

This set is SOLD! Similar sets can be custom ordered for $12 (but will vary slightly).

Zebra and Pink Ribbon Coasters

Sadly, this photo doesn't do these coasters justice. Traditional zebra print is paired with a paper that sports a pink swirled minky pattern. A sheer, hot pink ribbon edged with silver brings the whole thing together.

I only have one set of these available (due to limited materials). The price is $10.