Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fuzzy Scarf Attack!

Aren't Tribbles adorable? You just want to grab one and smother it in affection. Star Trek writers really had a great idea there. Unfortunately, given their rotund figure, they are not ideal for wrapping around your neck.  The Tribbles, not the writers.

Then there are big muthafudgin' snakes. They do a great job of wrapping around your neck, but they're more likely to close your airway than keep you warm.

My friends, I have your solution. I have created a furry, snake-like artificial Tribble that can be posed around your neck during cold weather... or whenever you have the urge to wrap a long, furry inanimate object around your neck.

Behold... the furry neck scarf! These critters are 36" long and 4" wide, light-weight and available in many colors. This particular individual is sporting a Margaritaville-lime shade. They can also be done in multiple hues, or longer lengths (for the cost of more furry yarn guts).

The following warning should be mentioned: There is no guarantee that your new-found furry scarf friend won't try to strangle any current furry members of the household who may compete with it for attention. 

These jealous scarf critters are $8 each. And, unlike Tribbles, they do not breed like rabbits. Therefore, do not expect to buy two and open your own furry scarf farm. I've got that shite on lock down.

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