Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mustache Wine Glass

Get your 'stache on, wine people! They say that drinking wine makes you look more sophisticated. If that's true, then drinking wine in a mustache-sporting glass makes you look downright brilliant.

This particular 7" tall wine glass was rescued from the local thrift store. It does possess minor cosmetic imperfections (appearing as tiny streaks or scratches) but it is free of cracks and chips. The tiny marks are most likely not even visible when the glass is actually in use, but I don't like people to be surprised when they order an item.I've positioned the mustache opposite of the imperfections.

I currently have 2 more identical wine glasses available for 'staching. Due to the condition of the glasses, these are being listed at $3 each.

If you would prefer your mustache to adorn flawless (aka, new) glassware, they are available for $5 each.

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