Friday, December 31, 2010

Lipstick Love Coasters

Somehow I failed to ever post their on the Curious Goods site! That's pretty awful of me, since they're one of the first sets I ever made! I'm really fond of these because they have a beautiful design with a touch of elegance while still suitable for everyday use.

These beauties run $8 for a set of 4.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Teal Floral Coasters

This design is a welcome fusion of floral, paisley and swirls. Heck, they even managed to sneak a subtle damask pattern into the background. These coasters are practically OOZING with style!

Get your own fusion of style for just $8 per set!

Chinese Dragon Coasters

The dragon is considered a symbol of Chinese culture. The flower reflects spiritual style. These bold coasters embody both.

These coasters are available as a set of three (1 dragon, 2 flowers) for $6 or a set of six (2 dragons, 4 flowers) for $12.

French Letter Coasters

Who cares if you can't read French! These coasters, with their roughly transferred flowers and distressed cursive writing, have a quaint (yet elegant) feel to them.

These coasters would be right at home in a sitting room, a sun room or any other room where you would like to convey a sense of tranquility and style. And for just $8.00 a set, you can add a little flair for a little price.

Black and White Damask Coasters

These coasters aren't channeling your Grandmother's dining room. Monochromatic damask patterns (like this one) are bringing sexy back! By using these coasters, you too will be sexy! And the sophistication that's associated with this formal design will make you look even sexier.

For those who are perfectionists, this particular set is intentionally (slightly) off-set from center. If you want dead-center placement, just ask and you shall receive! Regardless of the style, this set is just $8.00!

Wooden Tetris Magnets!

Ah, Tetris... You can't be a gamer without knowing its name.

Granted the title of "One of the Top 100 Games of ALL TIME," it had humble beginnings as the project of a computer science geek in the Soviet Union. Who would have thought that a game based on shuffling tetrominoes would become so hugely popular.

That being said, the five free tetrominoes featured in Tetris have become an unspoken status symbol among the geek network. Not only is your intelligence AND worth determined by your Tetris skills, but the display of Tetris-theme items shows your connection with the gaming culture. You may be able to do head shots all day in Halo, but if you can't get a back-to-back Tetris you're just not cool.

So show your worth (and hone your skills) with these awesomely awesome wooden Tetris magnets. These aren't the cheap plastic ones sold at gaming stores for $10+. These are constructed out of solid, 3/4" wooden blocks that are assembled into tetrominoes and hand painted to match their respective color (according to The Tetris Company standardization). Each set also gets a generous coating of acrylic sealer to protect them from the hard life that awaits them on your refrigerator. 

At just $8.50 a set, you could pick up up several sets and start your own level! And since each set is made upon request, the colors can be altered to suit your personal preference!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oz, Post-Surgery

Oz is recovering well from his TPLO. He was walking on the leg in less than 24 hours and his spirit has never faltered, even though he's still being crated 95% of the day. They removed his 27 staples this week and commented on how amazed they were with his speedy recovery.

The morning after surgery:

My vets were kind enough to provide me with copies of the X-ray so I could show everyone what a $3,000 knee surgery looks like!

Other than a seroma developing on the inside of the knee, recovery has been smooth sailing. He's got about 6 more weeks to go before he's considered "healed," but at least he gets to have his crate where Tessa can talk to him. She loves to point at him, call him "Bobo," and let him lick her hands.

Utensil Monsters

Every day, countless orphan utensils are abandoned at thrift stores. Some are tarnished, others are out-dated, but all want nothing more than a place to call home: a home where people will smother them in food and then shove them into their mouths.

Well, those poor little orphan forks, spoons and knives are going to have to keep on dreaming. My interests fall into a much more Frankensteinian theme. In fact, to quote Mary Shelley, "nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose." And my purpose? To tranquilize my mind through the creation of UTENSIL MONSTERS!

Behold, FrankenFork! Don't let his quadruped appearance fool you. He's actually quite civilized.

And meet the Bride of FrankenFork, SpooUlla! She may seem a bit shy at first, but she's an excellent singer and dancer who has come all the way from Sweden to get her big break.

This Monster and his Bride are very much in love. And for the more curious readers, THIS is how baby Spork Monsters are made.

While no blasphemous baby Spork Monsters are available at this time (I'm not clear on the gestation time of an iced tea spoon), I possess the power to clone FrankenFork and SpooUlla for your enjoyment. At the scientifically low price of $2.50 per monster, you can have your own spork-producing pair or a whole army!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Zebra Print Wine Glasses

These zebra print glasses were done as a custom order. Each is done free-hand to ensure uniqueness. (And besides, have you ever tried to create a stencil template to wrap around a glass? It’s a pain!)

Want your own zebra wine glass? They’re just $5 each!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oz Update: Surgery December 13, 2010

As many of you have heard, Oz finally ruptured his CCL over Thanksgiving. After a second evaluation by the veterinarians, he has been cleared for surgery on Monday, December 13th. Hopefully he will only stay in the hospital till Tuesday or Wednesday. The rehabilitation center I had found for his physical therapy apparently closed last year, so I’m trying to find another one within a practical distance (so far Holly Springs and Durham are the only choices).

The good news is that $985.50 has been raised so far. That’s nearly 1/3 of his surgery costs!!!

I will continue to take orders and accept donations even after the surgery. In the meantime, I wanted to again thank everyone who has contributed to the cause.

Chas Barlow
Matt Bridges
Adam Cole
Michael Cole
Nick Darnell
Arielle DeLisle
Peggy & Ross Finley
Jim & Jenness Gabris
Luciana Leopold
Michael McCollum
Kristin Meckola
Stacy Saenz
Amy Streit
Joan Studer
Lisa Studer
Trudy Taylor
Lauren Wasson
Jonathan Werz
Stephen White
Lark Williams
Charlene Yang