Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wooden Tetris Magnets!

Ah, Tetris... You can't be a gamer without knowing its name.

Granted the title of "One of the Top 100 Games of ALL TIME," it had humble beginnings as the project of a computer science geek in the Soviet Union. Who would have thought that a game based on shuffling tetrominoes would become so hugely popular.

That being said, the five free tetrominoes featured in Tetris have become an unspoken status symbol among the geek network. Not only is your intelligence AND worth determined by your Tetris skills, but the display of Tetris-theme items shows your connection with the gaming culture. You may be able to do head shots all day in Halo, but if you can't get a back-to-back Tetris you're just not cool.

So show your worth (and hone your skills) with these awesomely awesome wooden Tetris magnets. These aren't the cheap plastic ones sold at gaming stores for $10+. These are constructed out of solid, 3/4" wooden blocks that are assembled into tetrominoes and hand painted to match their respective color (according to The Tetris Company standardization). Each set also gets a generous coating of acrylic sealer to protect them from the hard life that awaits them on your refrigerator. 

At just $8.50 a set, you could pick up up several sets and start your own level! And since each set is made upon request, the colors can be altered to suit your personal preference!

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