Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oz, Post-Surgery

Oz is recovering well from his TPLO. He was walking on the leg in less than 24 hours and his spirit has never faltered, even though he's still being crated 95% of the day. They removed his 27 staples this week and commented on how amazed they were with his speedy recovery.

The morning after surgery:

My vets were kind enough to provide me with copies of the X-ray so I could show everyone what a $3,000 knee surgery looks like!

Other than a seroma developing on the inside of the knee, recovery has been smooth sailing. He's got about 6 more weeks to go before he's considered "healed," but at least he gets to have his crate where Tessa can talk to him. She loves to point at him, call him "Bobo," and let him lick her hands.

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