Wednesday, November 23, 2011


What do you get when you teach an octopus to cook? A chef that can slap you silly while mincing, sautéing and stirring all at once. For those of us who like to cook but don’t have the extra appendages, maybe this apron will do the trick. 

This logo is hand painted using fabric-permanent paints (the apron in these photos has already been washed and shows no flaking or fading). The apron itself measures 32” wide and 36” long and is 100% cotton and stain resistant. It’s fully adjustable and sports a nifty double pocket on the front.  

Each item is made to order and costs just $25. If you want to use your own apron the cost is just $10!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Samwise of SpamCakes: Sock Monster, Thrill Seeker

Samwise of SpamCakes is a peculiar sock monster indeed. Rocking a classic argyle pattern and sporting somewhat creepy button eyes, it’s unclear if you should love him or hate him. Let’s go with love, because otherwise you won’t buy him. (Face it, the only people who you hate yet still spend money on are relatives.)

Made from a [clean] pair of novelty socks and stitched entirely by hand using a strong crochet thread, a lot of time and patience has gone into making this little guy. Now, after all that hard work, he spends his days trying to avoid the boredoms of everyday life. He longs for excitement and adventure. Honestly, the company of Jekyll and these other sock monsters aren't doing it for him. You can see the disappointment in his face. 

Dear Sam would like to come and live with you. He’s already housebroken and gets along well with cats. We haven’t tested him with dogs, but that’s primarily for his own safety. Adopt him today for just $10!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Puffy Pig Plushies

Puffy pig, puffy pig, let me come in.

These little pigs are two thirds of a trio I made for the daughter of a friend (the first one escaped with her before I got a picture). She picked the colors, I made the pigs. Each one measures 3.5" long and 2.5" tall.

At just $4 per pig, you too can have your own little farm of felt pork chops.

Western Blot Coasters

Anyone who thinks that science always works when you follow protocol obviously doesn't do science. These coasters are proof of this fact.

Made from the discarded blue films of Western blots gone wrong, these coasters are 4" in diameter, backed with sanded cork and sealed with a generous coating of epoxy. No two are the same, though all have brought equal shame to their creators.

Whatever the failure, each set of 4 is just $6.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jackalope Painting: 5"x6"

The jackalope. Fact or fiction?  

I personally prefer the theory that they are a cross between an extinct species of pygmy deer and an elusive species of killer rabbits (which were probably engineered by the government and accidently set loose on the unsuspecting public... Night of the Lepus, anyone?).

Whatever your preference, this is an awesome little work of art. Painted with black and gray acrylics on a reclaimed lumber, this piece measures roughly 5”x6” and is ready for hanging. 

Bring home this adorable little guy for $10.