Thursday, November 17, 2011

Samwise of SpamCakes: Sock Monster, Thrill Seeker

Samwise of SpamCakes is a peculiar sock monster indeed. Rocking a classic argyle pattern and sporting somewhat creepy button eyes, it’s unclear if you should love him or hate him. Let’s go with love, because otherwise you won’t buy him. (Face it, the only people who you hate yet still spend money on are relatives.)

Made from a [clean] pair of novelty socks and stitched entirely by hand using a strong crochet thread, a lot of time and patience has gone into making this little guy. Now, after all that hard work, he spends his days trying to avoid the boredoms of everyday life. He longs for excitement and adventure. Honestly, the company of Jekyll and these other sock monsters aren't doing it for him. You can see the disappointment in his face. 

Dear Sam would like to come and live with you. He’s already housebroken and gets along well with cats. We haven’t tested him with dogs, but that’s primarily for his own safety. Adopt him today for just $10!

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