Friday, November 12, 2010

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies v2.0!

Practice makes perfect!

With a little patience, I was able to make the second round of peanut butter/rolled oat dog treats without adding extra water (which made them more like cookies and less like sticky lumps of goo). What does this mean for you? More cookies per batch! 

So what, you ask? Well, you OBVIOUSLY haven't let your dog try these treats.

In simple mathematical terms:
More cookies per batch = ability to give dog a second cookie when he won't go the heck away after the first cookie = increased likelihood that he will go away before a third cookie must be sacrificed for your sanity

These new, smaller cookies are 35 calories each with 1.3 grams fat (rather than 53 calories/2 grams fat). A batch will now make roughly 60 cookies (rather than the original 40). Obviously, the price per batch has not increased ($5).

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