Sunday, November 7, 2010

Knitted Leg Warmers & Arm Warmers for Baby

The weather is getting colder. This means buying more clothes for your little munchkin. But what if you could extend the life of those shorts and shirts? BEHOLD, your prayers have been answered!

If you're like me, you'll end up using these as a substitute for pants when you're at home. Why? You don't have to pull off their pants or shorts every time you need to change a diaper! And while your munchkin is exploring (aka, running a muck as she crawls around your now baby-proofed home), her knees will be protected as they cross carpet, tile, wood or fire. Okay, maybe not fire.

For cuteness effect, here's Tessa trying on the first leg warmer to check size and durability. 

These warmers can be done in any color, any size. This set is being done in Paton's "kimono" with "taupe" cuffs. They measure 9" long, with a 5" ankle circumference and 8" thigh circumference. Tess is already sporting 12-18 months clothes (despite being 10 months old), so this will give you an idea on how it would fit your little monster.

Each pair is $15.

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