Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hell in a Handbasket

We've all bought a big gift that comes in a small package. A piece of fancy jewelry, a high priced gift card, a magical key. Whatever it is, sometimes you end up feeling that the presentation doesn't reflect the value of the gift.

Well, problem solved! Show you care by giving that special someone Hell in a handbasket!

This unique gift basket contains a round box that is 1.5" tall with a 3" diameter. If it doesn't fit inside (perhaps a gift card), you could always adhere it to the underside of the box and bury it in the basket filler. Each basket is unique, rescued from the local thrift store and topped off with a big, red bow! This post contains all 6 currently available baskets.

At just $5, these baskets will make your gift twice as special without breaking the bank.

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