Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beer Cap Ornmanents, Round 1. FIGHT!

Does the Holiday Season drive you to drink?

The packed shopping malls. The distant relatives that are distant for a reason. The one bulb in your string of Christmas lights that has silently died and taken the rest of his brethren with him to the grave.

Honor the true holiday spirit of alcoholic pacification with these nifty ornaments!

Each ornament is adorned with the cap of bottled beer, a beer that was opened in our house during a moment of socialization, relaxation or possibly self-medication. Currently available ornaments are limited to our taste preferences (mainly Magners, Smithwick’s, and New Belgium Brewing Co.) and will be limited in number. If demand is high enough I may be willing to throw a few back in the name of art. Or you can just get the caps of choice to me for personalization!

The current ornament size (~2” diameter) is listed at $1.75 each (due to both smaller size and the lack of repainting). Larger or repainted ornaments will have prices adjusted accordingly.

Drink up!

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