Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wild and Crazy Cowl!

No, not cow. COWL. In case you're not familiar with this accessory, it's pretty much a scarf eating its own tail. Yes, I was skeptical as well. However, after making this one, I think I'm sold.

This strange creature started out as a standard scarf made from alternating brown and tan sections while occasionally working in black and sandstone fur yarn to add texture and contrast. Due to my minimal knit edging, the whole thing turned in on itself, creating a long tube of scarf. I tried to convince it to lay flat like a good scarf, but it would have none of it. In the end, I let the scarf follow it's true nature and pretend to be knit in the round when it wasn't.

I added tassels to each color change on the scarf, creating this aesthetically unique horizontal fringe. Once the whole thing was fringed and the two ends were sewn together, I let the strange new creature cuddle up around my neck.

And I'll be damned, this thing is pretty awesome! It's like a scarf that can't come loose or get caught on something. The stockinette stitch leaves it with a lot of "give" so you can easily stretch it over your head. After the exhausting photo shoot, I let the cute thing explore one of my kitchen chairs. Note the fringe sections along the length.

After that, the poor little thing was all tuckered out and took a nap.

I'm selling this odd cowl creature for $20, which is a bit more than my other knit items (but is due to needing 4 different yarns to do this design). Similar cowls can be made with different colors upon request.

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