Friday, July 6, 2012

Recycled Silk Choker (or Bracelet)

This silky soft piece of knitted jewelry is made from a section of leftover recycled silk yarn. Waste not the yummy yarn! The colors were just too pretty to toss. And I like to knit I-cords.

Measuring 3/8" wide, the knitted portion is 10.5" long and total piece reaches 23" total with the tie tails.

The tie tails have been braided to avoid any unraveling (given the 'spun' nature of the yarn) and can be knotted and trimmed if a shorter tail is desired.

If you wish to sport the cord as a choker, just tie it in the back! If you wish to shorten it to a bracelet, it can be trimmed in seconds! I've intentionally left off the addition of a button loop or clasp so that you can make it exactly how you want it! You can even add embellishments like charms, beads or buttons!

At just $3 for the standard I-cord, you can have your own little personalized jewelry project!

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