Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peacock Scarf

I know it's summer and it's hot outside, but sometimes I just can't resist making a pretty scarf!

This particular scarf is made from some delicious yarn from Darn Good Yarn. It's comprised of 2 skeins of recycled silk yarn, knitted together. This yarn, as well as the others available through Nicole's site, allow families in India and Nepal to gain strength in areas with no sustainable job market for those struggling in poverty.

In addition to the uniqueness of the yarn, this scarf also has almost superpower qualities. Lightweight but very warm, soft and fuzzy. It can also change shape and size! The drop-stitch style allows it to "shrink" down to 5"x36" or stretch up to 4"x52". So if you like short and wide, long and narrow, or anything in-between... this scarf is for you!

At $30, this scarf will benefit you (by being super sexy around your neck and shoulders), the Curious Goods store, Darn Good Yarn, and the women who make the yarn themselves. That's a lot of good!

Short and wide:

Long and narrow:

Some close-ups:

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