Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watson the Wobbly: Sock Monster, Unlucky Rabbit

How can a rabbit be unlucky? By having no legs, of course! Nothing is more pathetic that a bunny with no hop in his step. Fortunately Watson has never had legs so he doesn't really know what he's missing.

Despite his obvious impairment, Watson still has a perfectly good set of arms ready for hugging. He also has two pristine ears ready to lend to you in your time of need. Just make sure you bring them back.

Watson is hand sewn from a bright acrylic sock and stuffed with the dreams of a dozen hamsters. His arms have been reinforced with a round of blanket stitching. He's also had a little face work done: a few blanket stitches have given him a permanent smile.

Watson is ready for a loving home for just $15. If yellow with white polka dots isn't your forte, a custom color Watson can be constructed upon request.

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