Saturday, October 15, 2011

Decapitated Mouse Toy: Mr. Mouse

Satisfy your feline's urge to inflict carnage without all those gross blood and guts getting on your carpet. Oh, and no one has to die.

This is Mr. Mouse, an unfortunate felt creature whose sole purpose is to entertain your cat. The soft fabric and string "guts" provide texture and flair. A small sprinkle of catnip within the mouse head provides that high your kitty friend is jonesing for.

Jinx was more than willing to check out this new critter.

Even Oz wanted a peek. Unfortunately he also wanted a taste.

At just $1 each, you could buy your feline a plate full of mangled Mr. Mouses. Which will come in handy when she starts hoarding them under the fridge, behind the bed and in your shoes.

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