Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Knit Bag of Holding

Recently my dear husband asked me to make him a dice bag for his Sunday games. This is what he got (and he's very happy with it, and not just because he has to be).

Made from worsted weight yarn (in the color of your choice), this medium-sized bag measures roughly 6" in diameter and 6" tall. My biggest concern was being able to fit your entire hand in the bag with enough room to search around for that elusive d20. The bottom of the bag is done in a seed stitch to make it more stiff and durable while the body is done in stockinette stitch to allow for more stretchiness. The lettering was chosen by my husband but I could embroider a different design upon request.

Each fantabulous bag of holding is a mere $8! Make your gaming friends green with envy!

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